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An Important Message from Bill

Meet Bill Demaree:


Riskier Than Race Cars

Bill Demaree

Bill Demaree

By: Bill Demaree

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is the face of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) this year (2016), which at first glance, I thought was an interesting choice for a spokesperson. The dangerous nature of her profession means she most likely pays some hefty premiums and we’re trying to spread the message that life insurance is affordable. But then again, I thought, if anyone needs life insurance, it’s her. Patrick’s message is “Driving race cars is risky. Not having life insurance is riskier.” (more…)

Social Security Tips

Your Retirement Guy, Bill Demaree, discusses the Social Security Act on RTV6.


Top Five Retirement Mistakes

People who are at the age of retirement should always ask themselves, will I have enough money?

Your Retirement Guy™, Bill Demaree discusses the top 5 mistakes people are making when it comes to their retirement fund. This aired on Fox 59 Indianapolis as an Angela Answers segment (August 5, 2015).